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  1. Found this online...some Bmore history for ya


    San Francisco graffiti legend Clarence "Cuba" Robbs was born and raised on the East Coast of the United States in a blue collar, working class city called Baltimore in the state of Maryland.


    He first began writing graffiti when he was 15 years old in 1979. He would tag, scrawl, or write his name almost city wide in strategic locations where seeing my name written appealed to him visually and aesthetically. He was influenced and inspired to write graffiti from an older writer from New York City who called himself The Revolt. Seeing his tags in extremely key locations around Baltimore gave Cub a burning desire to write also.


    Back in the early days of bombing, there were no other people practicing this art form. Your tags really stood out. At one point Cuba had so many tags around the town that mine were more visible than The Revolt. He began to inspire other local writers to get their names up as well. This is another form of hip hop culture that was imported into Baltimore from NYC in 1978. A graf scene began emerging.


    By 1982 he began slowly advancing to another level creatively. He began to do what is known as piecing; creating your name, but in a more macrocosmic and more cartoonistic form. In other words, focusing more on being a painter than just a writer.


    He left home when he was 18, promising never to cross the Mississippi river again. He moved to the West Coast and San Francisco. From 1983 – 1985 he would piece and tag San Francisco, but not nearly as relentlessly as when he was a teenager. .

  2. true this. preach it.


    have you no shame sofe?


    get rykes, areks, and mears nut sacks out of your mouth and come up with some new shit.


    That's funny because all those guys you mentioned learned from SHAKEN, those are his letters.

  3. i wanna see more buses gettin crushed...


    no beef but, i dont see alot of painted buses in bmore...


    Back in the 80's writing on buses was strong. Yet again Shaken was king of the lines along with fellow KSW members. Another writer that stands out was REAK (pronounced REACT) had mad damage on the westside of town.



    Snowman: Do you have any pics from Lansdowne? I'm talking that awesome Stab lizard like character holding the giant joint? If that helps:lol: Also trying to get that wicked OPIUM burner or that BREAKER piece.

  4. Ever89.jpg

    Ever 1989-still running...






    "Faser" Fase DST



    Blast Master Mask



    Baltimore Oner :lol:



    Code "Baltimore" shout out with Rei and Dyer?



    Inside of Kelley's Board Shop, Paradox basketball court '92 and some other joints...

  5. DAK along with AREA (AE), LOSER, CODE1, DIZMO, ERTH, WR-crew remember those guys? Had mad shit on the lightraill line and bridge spots throughout the 90's. DAK painted characters and I think he was reppin MD crew.

  6. getattachmentaspxcopycr1.jpg


    I met Totem2 a couple years back, dude had nothing but great stuff to stay about Baltimore writers. Couldn't stop talking about Metasin throw-ups and how he wanted to learn some Bmore handstyles:cool:



  7. IOME-ain't a bad name... I would try to do something with just the "I" as a throwy. Make that shit stand out 'IOMEROCK' or something...


    I'll post some stuff when I can.

  8. czar.jpg

    this burner is one of the illest ever...on the line...straight heat


    This is one of the best pictures of this burner I have seen on here. Damn the Metro line was dope back in the day! Every couple of weeks there was new stuff, KSW had it on lock. I counted one time-WILD had 16 burners running:cool:


    Keep the flicks coming!

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