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Everything posted by WallDecoratR

  2. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/carthieframpage.html Shits crazy!
  3. Those are actually baby opposum. The mom prolly got hit by a train recently and the babies were still drinkin the milk out of there dead mom.
  4. Be prepared for some constructive critisim :haha:
  5. much better echos ( you know what I mean)
  6. Do you ever see the other Thomas truck?. caster had a puchline: breakfast is served
  7. i went to school with kerse awhile back..not sure if its who you are askin about but he hit my book if you want me to post it i will.. Quoted post [/b] Yeah post it. I work wit the dude. I never would have thought he wrote.. shits funny
  8. anyine ever hear of an older writer KERSE or SOBER
  9. I could have swore that was a giant tit in the side mirror of that car
  10. bump for this thread
  11. I just wasted like 5 minutes of my life trying to read that jibberish!!!!!
  12. its not that bad, u just gotta keep workin on it...drop a shadow in it and work on the letters a little bit.. I put something like that up about a year ago..it all comes with practice. Train tracks and Freights are the best practice spots...And the Creek. :what:
  13. Damn... that snor shit is fresh :haha:
  14. Dub is gettin shit done!!... CRAZY!!!!!
  15. Hey, I bet Mr. Buffman would love a site like that!! :smiles:
  16. I have always wanted to do that... and I finally found a way....wasn't easy though
  17. anyone ever heard of someone that writes ceez? apparently he used to write with enem?
  18. QK you got the rest of that wall FOund this on seankernick.com check the philly hands in the back
  19. How the fuck wouldyou know?;) Damn! :haha: I dont know how long.. I only been writing wit him for like 2-3 munffs!
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