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  1. gun. ver. FTL..COPE AND SEEN :king:
  2. if i had a digital camera or a scanner i would have loads of flix...keep this thread up and well have some new shit soon :yuck:
  3. SC"831"

    O'CLOCK 156

    http://str33tz.free.fr/156/249.jpg'> love the 1 liner throwie
  4. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid141/pb24f219f198f633d43c2aaf209af4609/f6c06d3e.thumb.jpg'> mts was get'n up in santa cruz for a while but they fell off...i guess
  5. TISEN STALK SIXER...dude maybe ill have some flix soon...probably blockbusters bro dude...
  6. haha did you say a video game:lol:
  7. Hype is fresh i see his shi.t all over where i live...anybody seen that Rip Pual Johnson by pigs off of highway 1?????? I have to comment on the name Alex Walker and your location as snitching:lol:
  8. SC"831"


    i got this old fence in my backyard and i just paint on that, just buff it every once and a while....then you get the:king: shi.t
  9. SC"831"

    im a newbee

    and i just realized where i posted this...darnit, thanks to one of the forum moderators if you move my post to the correct section, agian my bad:o
  10. SC"831"

    im a newbee

    What up guys i just joined today im from Santa cruz California and i want to say that i read all the rules and i just want to enjoy the sight and talk to fellow writers...aight peace:D
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