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  1. ive heard of a few people that have gone to trading standards. its not on really isit, good luck all.
  2. got my copy through today ,,, doesnt work , skips and freezes, graphotism are saying it must be your dvd player, they only work on the newest technology , my dvd player is less than a month old.. crafty springs to mind.
  3. yer i have heard of problems also .. did u purchase ur dvd's at the screening or through mail order?
  4. i was in attendance. it was a good one and is worth purchasing.
  5. dest(sted) is war crew
  6. blooody nice born n ceres panels bloody nice..
  7. 2rotten

    uk wall flixs

    nice southampton walls there, any one get a jabs pik from southampton....
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