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  2. ****Picture credit: IRON CHEF ****Picture credit: ODDIO 1 Add the 3rd picture of whenever they pave that mutha and this would be a dope trio of flicks- first picture is before the metal cage was put on, 2nd picture after it was torn off.
  3. You just completley made no sense champ-:nope: I was trying to keep your future beatdown private so you wouldn't have to cry youself to sleep for a week and have to hide behind your big black-eye hiding hipster glasses.:bawling: The chatboards are wack because of spineless scared pussies like yourself. your screen-name wont hide you for long chump.:shook: See ya in July.:lol:
  4. your funny, im sure your tight pants are keeping the blood circulation from your little brain. if i lived there i'd smash on all you little pussy ass talkers. i came from a time in p town when there was no gay chatrooms like this to hide behind , we hunted down fools and put hands on em. trogg slayer you are the generation of keyboard wanksters. get at the private message if you have the balls to meet up the next time i visit in July. thats real talk.
  5. Stop Cheerleading guys, run the wack styles outta your town.
  6. mmmmmm i smell beef a brewin. don't be pussies either! Fully take it to the beatdown leval. ain't been no good cross-out / go-over wars in Portland in a good spell. On your mark,,get set, BEEF!
  7. jealous ha ha. how much peso did you lose betting against manny? i've won money the last 3 times. sit down clown.
  8. Your obviously a Brain Surgeon when not on the internetz. The graff is lacking, so chicks would hype this thread much more.
  9. lost pages/clearer shots/ = steal from the Homies photobucket!
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