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  1. fresh_SE

    DDS Crew London

    I think its "Eine" FBZ TPG
  2. Some Red steel for ye's (I hope this works........)
  3. "you see what im sayin blood the game is tyte nah mean" ya mad toy rude boy.....get a sketch book.
  4. Class thread! Seriously appreciating Crel's stuff. does anyone have anymore photos of his pieces?
  5. my mate knows one of them and said its snot, and, ceres, bice, silk, born and maybe someone else. just remembered though, I think one of them is from a spanish speakin country Quoted post Those look tastyyyyyyyy... And I think born would be the one touching up any girl from a spanish-speaking country.... :yuck: :yuck: Quoted post I think it is that guy bice. I have a magazine of South American graffiti and Bice has some works in it. Also he still has a rooftop dub near liverpool street.
  6. Loco who did that wee chrome thing with the big red outline? It looks mildly "akre" ish, I love that kind of thing. :love2:
  7. fresh_SE


    Quoted post yea da neas on da dpm thread. Quoted post [/b] Looks to me like its somewhere on Silver Link tracks in North London Maybe.....just a guess judging by the walls
  8. oh is it.... Cool i thought those were South Westerns cuz they run through some of the main SW stations. I would like to see the lego one done ha ha.
  9. how come everyone keeps getting bare runners on South Westerns?!?! Goddamit I can't see anything. Keep the madness rolling in ;)
  10. Nice to see some stuff getting done on those green ones. Has anyone seen anything on the brand new First Class ones that go through Bridge? They are brand spanking new, sickeningly gleaming! They have a strange indentaion on the doors, would look funky with some panels on :huh2:
  11. Can anyone tell me a good place to bench South Westerns/are they worth benching??? thanks
  12. if you look in bomb alert in the collectors final edition, there are Rest panels in Amsterdam amongst panels burners from Snor which appeared to be on a Wagn train.
  13. fresh_SE

    uk wall flixs

    ha ha ha ha. that Faking it sounds funny, do they make him do illegals? They only have a couple of weeks to sort him out, he must have been toy as fuck!
  14. fresh_SE


    Hi, Just to let TPG fans know, there is a pubes dub running on the Silverlinks that has been going for (I'm totally not shitting you on this) at least a month and a half. I think they are totally re-surfacing the trains, so they haven't bothered buffing it that much, it's still going strong!! :eek:
  15. Oh and for the record how shite is that new graphotism, what a fucking joke. It's blatant that no one can be fucked with them anymore, about 75% of the magazine is NT and that guy Secse.
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