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  1. I wonder how many markers it will take to do this that shits hot!!!! :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
  2. Mac Dre......... very good indeed very lyrical as well but you cant blame kc for that shit blame the niggas who did that shit Mac Dre is just as big out here in Kansas City as he is out were the bay is beleave that! Rest in Power! ________________________ i can bust you a rap, anything else not my job!
  3. Werd UP! thats what rolls through round here lots of diar, jaber, & eatfuk
  4. Orangesoda


    one of the craziest in ya ear truly will miss him ---------------------------------Rip OL'DIRTY BASTARD!!!!
  5. Very fresh liked his stuff since i started seeing it
  6. Good to see another kc thread, and it even has lotz of illegals good shit!
  7. Orangesoda


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