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  1. i was just drivin around, doin throwies and shit, and i parked my car in a parking lot and walk off for about 45 minutes to go hit up some stuff. well, i get back and there are these two old bitches standing by my car. i get to my car and was like, "hey, what the fuck are you doin leaning on my car?" bitch says, "lookin for a ride." i asked "where to?" i should have known what she was gonna say..... "on you." i was like whatthe fuck is your deal, woman!?! i get in my car and on of the bitches asks me, "hey, but we do need a ride to our customers house, we'll give you $15." considering it was about 10 minutes away, i thought, "why the fuck not for $15?!" spo they get in, i take them to the house, they end up giving me no money, stole my stereo that i had taken out, (it was a stock stereo, i've got like 30 of them, i didn't care.) tried to take my skateboard, but i got that shit back. i wanted to run them ho's over. so instead, i get out with a couple of cans.... the bitches are walking to the house, so i spray shit all over those hos. i didn't mean to get it in their eyes, but their the dumb bitches that turned around. so i jetted to my car, and took off... one night i'm drivin, iget to a stop light, and theres this dude walking around on the median... i had my windows partially down... in the projects... bad idea for a white boy. but this crackhead comes up to my car, and sticks his hands in my window, tries to open the door, but i locked it when he came around hte car, and sticks his hands back in the window and puts his eyes right up to the crack in the window.... i had a small thing of mace so i figured this would be hte time to use it... i grab that shit and spray it all in that dudes eyes, nose, and mouth... he falls to the ground screaming and rollin around and i drive off laughing.
  2. why don't you just get it before he does? or why don't you go find another place to bomb? its that simple. duh.
  3. i got a couple of new stories. parking my car in downtown and riding my bike everywhere at about 1am. i find a billboard thats scaffold is only like 9feet above the ground, so i throw my backpack up and i'm about to climb up and when i get up on it i hear someone say, "what the fuck are you doing?!" i look to my right and theres a bum sleepin and i threw my backpack right on top of him. he starts jabbering and saying he wont give back my bag unless i have him $10. so i say, "fuck you, i fucking hate you crackhead pieces of shit." i grab my bag from him and push him off then did a quick throwie on the board and left. going around town in my car with one can of paint left and a few stencils. i park my car, walk over to a wall, bust out the can and a stencil and throw it up. then someone comes around the corner zipping up his pants and with a shit eatin grin on his face and walks across the street. i was curious so i walked behind there... i looked around for a minute and then looked behind the dumpster, and theres a brown eye staring right at me with blood dripping out of it. then i realized it was a dead dog. after i saw that shit, i jsut fucking ran. i almost puked. crackheads are fuckin nasty.
  4. damn, you beat me to it. hahaha.
  5. man, i hit those a lot. the best thing is going behind a walmart with a bandana and gloves and hittin up on a few of them. no one owns those ho's but walmart. but whats great is when you're out bombing and you go behind some random strip mall and theres a trucker sleepin, you bomb his shit then throw something at his window(not something that could break it, jackass.) and wake that fool up. he'll get out and start kicking the ground and chasin your ass. but their too fat normally, so they run for about 3 seconds then give up.
  6. he didn't ask me what i was doing, i didn't say what i was doing. i don't think of all cops as pigs, oinkers, or anthing like that. hell, i'm trying to become a cop. well, within the next few years at least. just that one particular cop was a fat piece of shit that had nothing better to do. thats why i reffered to him as an oinker. i've already said this. read damnit. i know htey have to do their job, but in that area, theres more than just graffiti going on. theres robberies, drug dealing, kids breaking curfew, and shit like that. i wasn't doing any of the above. just an 18 year old kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. and porque, i wasn't being a dick towards what you were saying, only the peopel that totally flamed my ass ofr no apparent reason.
  7. i got flamed for no reason. and i like taking photos in the dark, it gives them the whole graffiti at nightime thing. if you're just going to flame me, then get a life. go paint or something.
  8. I'm 18, dick. I called this specific one an oinker for the sole purpose that he was a fat piece of shit. I had no paint, markers, or anything for graffiti in my car or on my person. Thus he has no reason to harass me about graffiti. I said "fuck" mainly because i was pissed off that i had jsut been arrested for a bullshit reason. the judge even knew that. anyone would be pissed off for getting arrested for photographing a peice of art. its like me getting arrested for taking pictures of a van gogh or monet painting. get off my fucking back. i'm not some shit talking little 15 year old. I addressed the cop as sir. i showed respect to him and he threw me to the fucking ground. i never once called him an oinker or pig. i never once insulted him. and when i said, "you guys have nothing to fucking do, do you?" would maybe be the closest disrespect i caused them. fuck off. i'll paint where i please. and i'll paint how i please. and i'm on camera being bullied by a cop. if you thought my attitude was harsh... then i'd love to see you get locked up for taking a fucking picture.
  9. I'm going ot have to say..... Sekt Reign Toy Eatfuk Earl Merk Onorok Zephyr is the best name by far though.
  10. So I was out tonight until about 12:30am. I was just photographing some bombs. Not writing anything. Well, some oinker rolls up and I say, "Hey, is there a problem?" He replies, "I had a report of vandilism around here." So he proceeds to throw me to the ground after I resisted and unlawful arrest. Take it, these bombs were from almost six months ago. Its obvious as well. They were somewhat fading. But anyways, this oinker throws me in the back of his car face first. Didn't even read me my Meranda Rights. Which is a requirement stated in the code of ethics for officers of the law. I end up being pulled out of the car by my legs(for the fact that i wasn't able to sit up due to lack of space.) and was shoved through the electronic doors and into the detainee office. They take my belongings after I put up a fight for my rights saying, "So photography is illegal now? Wow, you guys have nothign to fucking do, do you?" I was barked at by several officers for saying fuck in front of my "elders." I told them to "bite me." They take my info down and I don't say a single word. They tell me to make a phone call, but I decline the offer. They throw me in a cell with a blanket and a coffee mug. 2 hours later, the judge comes by and I told him to let me the fuck out and let me call my lawyer. (Seeing as i don't have one, it just felt like the right hting to say, plus i've wanted ot say that for a while.) they let me out of the cell, and i start to pick up the phone and i ask the oinker, "what is it i'm in for again?" His dumbass response was, "photographing graffiti.".......... long pause then the judge let me go. all i hear in the background is yelling about a civil suit against the police department. now my question is, do i have room to file a lawsuit for and unlawful arrest and harassment?
  11. lately, i've been sketching for about 3 hours a day. 7 to 10 sketches a day. i've filled my book to the brim. every page is filled with 2-14 sketches. except for the last two pages. those are the really artsy fartsy ones.
  12. atari game cartridge mop..... materials: Atari Game Cartridge(duh) flat and phillips head screw drivers or a knife epoxy or silicon sealant the ink of your choice and the nub should be either part of a sock or felt.(foam doesn't cut it.) this is simple. 1. find an atari game cartridge. 2. find the screw in the the middle and cut the sticker around it and unscrew. 3. with your knife or flat head screwdriver pry open the case. Be careful not to break the clips. 4. remove the chip and the spring. keep the movable plastic piece though. 5. on the edges of the cartridge, put on your sealant. Put back together. 6. Seal the outside cracks as well. 7. fill with your choice of ink.(this is not a refillable mop. but it will last you a long while.) 8. Smear your sealant on the inside of the bottom part.(this is where your sock/felt will go.) remember to hold the cartridge upright or else your ink will pour out. 9. jam the sock or felt into the opening and get it stuffed in there good. 10. let dry for a few minutes while placing it upright on your workspace. 11. go paint. the cap can be just about anything. mine is a piece of folded cardboard wrapped in duct tape. and just in case you don't want any leaks if you didn't seal it right, wrap that ho in duct tape and you'll be fine. there you go. have fun.
  13. anyone notice this "H" looks more like a swastica? maybe i'm just tired and seein shit.
  14. this just happened to me tonight. i was rackin cans at(sad to say) walmart... and all of a sudden this worker comes up and asked, "whats in your pants dude?" so i tell him the truth and say, "about 20 cans." he looked shocked, and asked to see how many we could fit on me and says he'll take me out the back way so i wouldn't get in trouble. i take off with almost 40 cans in my pants, shirt, and socks. and i see the dude out front waving to me and yells, "see you on the streets kid, have fun painting." come to find out, this dude racks cans daily from his job and also writes like crazy. EGON was his name. he's one cool cat.
  15. i haven't seen much shit, but just the regular bums digging through garbage. i've been chased by dogs, crackheads, owners of the stores, among other people. last night i did see somethnig wierd though. and unsettling... some trucker fucking the shit out of some ho in his truck. i had no idea you could shake a diesel that much.
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