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  1. always workin!!! lovely stuff..
  2. styles for miles...and a top bloke!!! really enjoyed his book...a man on a mission!!!
  3. Re: T-Kid - The grand old man of graffiti wow...bridlington..now that was back in the day!
  4. hahah...i new u would hit that truck...
  5. bump this back up..nice one for the flicks girr....jam flicks looked good ..wish i coulda stayed to see them pieces fnished..
  6. damn nice flick..2 of my favorie things about copenhagen in one flick..girls and graff....roll on the summer....
  7. durtyharry

    On my travels

    lovin them last 2 old london flicks...bump!!!any more...i have a lot of stuff shot around kilburn in the late eighites...i must dig it out and scan some..
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