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  1. irate & yeah??? …um ok bump for everything on this page. especially the green fence even that orap is lookin kinda nice.
  2. camera phones are wak, it looks like im tryin to watch scrambled porn
  3. those were the days bump for fat kids with twilight zone t shirts, and hockey sticks that thing that money painted that i cant read is pretty nice too.
  4. Dragonforce is my new favorite band! omg! I love songs about unicorns and enchanted forests!!! but seriously, i would love to see lamb of god drink a gallon of canadian club and beat the shit out of those guys.
  5. yes, east side suburbia is WAK. i heard some shit about what went down and id be glad to help if you need anything.
  6. i agree with the grizzle, this is retarded. reading graffiti is like 'if you have to ask…'. phers shouldnt have to trace his letters out, all you need to know is that he is way sweeter than most of you will ever be. math? 2 + 2 is fohr, baby.
  7. phers is too good. i want to sniff the shit he's sniffin. and im sorry justin, but i didnt even notice you posted international lj flix. my negativity was directed towards lack of flickage & young smoky wanting 'constructive' criticizm.
  8. i didnt see that abort when i posted that. ill be the first to say, its WAY too wide to be philly, but the face is sweet. fohr told me about philly style after he moved back from there, its just something you obtain from living there. kinda like how people in detroit are just naturally fatter than everyone else.
  9. the last 5 pages are a bunch of crap. bump for that super-phers and some fbs & tsr action. and rip to underground blunt masta rap dogg, whoever he was, im sure he was fresh.
  10. it looks like seekings cobra is crushing a thermos of orange juice.
  11. yeah..cats are so gangsta that they have the balls to diss my shit .. are so triple O.G. that they disguise their handstyle so no one can tell who it is...oh yeah..i almost forgot...not leaving a name was the most gangsta part of it all. looks like we got another notebook crook...with loosleaf beef. "esaus nuts"....hahhaha...jesus. Quoted post [/b] if youre implying that me or pluto did it, youre wrong. I would have gladly left a name, or at least my crew :innocent: Although i do think its kinda funny.
  12. sounds like someone hacked into seekengs 12oz name. and 2for, you really consider paul wall GOOD music??? the man can make beats, but how many times can dude recycle the same verse (switchin lanes, grippin grain, etc.)? i miss those days of hanging out at your crib on 3rd, but like you said some of us DO get older.
  13. its not gonna come out because they totally missed the boat. the movie was supposed to be about turdl. turdl rurned himself in and the new prosecutor didnt even give a shit. several other writers in the film dont want their footage to be shown, and big dog tony smith never got them to sign release forms, which means legally he doesnt have permission to use it. so hes fucked. besides, that story is like over three years old by now, and no one really cares. if you want to see a graffiti movie go watch style wars.
  14. hahahaha stori will destroy dfw, hahahaha. bitch, you know where i live. and if you dont im sure dick brown will show you. whos paying you, ………son??? ha! ps pluto did that one, and i did alot of the other ones.
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