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  1. haah instead of going on top of them they just went really on top of them classic
  2. THE one off 17 was coo even for just a hollow havent seen someone climb on those for a min
  3. yupp dont believe the net....kiddies
  4. honestly if you are saying lords aint up in the streets and your from anywhere in northern cali your just being stupid and are R10 or friends of them...im not on anyone's side for this whole thing but stop being stupid saying they aint up
  5. i agree with you on some parts but to say to not be worried about r10 i dont know about that im not a fan of theirs in any way trust me cause SB has dissed me b4....and saying he will fade in 5 years isnt gonna happen he has been bombing and dissing people for quite a long time if you didnt notice....cause sb has shown he can hang with the big boys of the so called bombing game. just saying
  6. dope i did the waves on his background....just saying lol if you have that pic you should have all the pieces and i'd love to see them
  7. yup seen that today....dont know about all that
  8. ima be there in august looking for people to paint with msg me... im from cali
  9. ima be there from the cali in august....looking to paint with some locals or just destroy on my own msg me
  10. the gunk isn't lords unless he got in outta nowhere but i understanding trying to take credit on the character cause he's always coming fresh on them
  11. T......

    831 cali

    i see a geso influence on that white and red piece last page...just saying
  12. hope that manos was dissed but even still hahah coulda came better bruh not a good look
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