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  1. kabar...talk to me...check yr pms...
  2. MAIDEN!!!!! "I left alone,my mind was blank/ I needed time to get the memory from my my mind/ what did I see/ (insert Bruce Dickinson human air raid wailing) COULD I BELIEVE/ that what i saw that night was real and not just fantasy 666-the number of the beast"
  3. I met Lemmy at the rainbow when I was staying in LA and had a drink with him...Super nice guy...you guys should check out his first band, HAWKWIND..... flute solos!!!!
  4. i'm just a lurker but i want in...email has been sent....are they supposed to be in graphite?
  5. this is the kind of thing i was talking about...We get this alot in the old dirty...i love em myself,my dog's the only one itrust...
  6. Tyler....I've never heard that shit about takin food out of a dog's mouth to make it less territorial...I wouldn't suggest it.Food to dogs is like people with money.Just remember that when you're correcting your dog,use a really firm tone of voice...and if you have to hit it,use a rolled up newspaper or something-it's not the pain that they react to,it's the noise.Pitbulls are fucking tanks,beating them doesn't solve shit,you just wanna scare em. on a side note,about that pitbulls as status symbols thing,it's so true...I live in the south,and it seems like EVERYBODY's fuckin got one.That's cool and all,but what I hate is the fucking pitbull elitists.My dog Sluggo is a mutt-pit/rottweiler/boxer and this fucking bitch called him a MONGREL the other day....I was pissed...Anyway,this is actually a topic I know something about so if you have any more questions fire away.
  7. Re: Comedy. flicks?car type? don't hate on the name....it's awesome with the "a" and the "k" and whatnot....maybe we can all just add numbers to the ends of our names and make friends....another loser, you obviously know who I am...is homeboy really coming thru?:krunk:
  8. I was looking thru this thread and imagine my dismay when i see that some kid in my state is writing the same name as me-fakes/faker.So this is an open invitation to "faker" to battle for the name..... get back to me... gofakeyrself@hotmail.com :jpotato:
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