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  1. Battle rule no 34: Any piece, tag or general artwork that includes a reference to Juggs, Biguns, or Chubbers shall immediately be declared winner of said battle without further debate. Sorry Pre, I think I like yours better, but rule 34 stands, Kash wins ;)
  2. Self-promo? Hell yeah! You seen these before? ... well new stuff on the new website!! Check it out: www.silverblack.ch AND I made a FREE Iphone/Itouch/Ipad game! So head to Itunes, download and beat the current record of 96! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/silverblack/id495338927?mt=8
  3. hahahha no the other way around... Tones EDK is from Geneva, he's gotten around a fair bit though. EDK crew was originally started in Geneva in 1989, before spreading stateside thanks to Master Reys...
  4. TONES EDK all day every day even on Sunday. One of the freshest out of Geneva. But that top silver is not by him, must be another Tones...
  5. one of my favorite Kash pieces, fuckin perfect!
  6. serious connections going on in here! Dope! Thanks for the shout
  7. Because Serval cheated with the extra red ahhahahahhahaa!! little green details in the other pieces don't come off on the small pic, but details were off the chain!
  8. no it's not... no card pulling if you don't know the deal. It's done by PresOne from San Diego as some kind of tribute to Hex and used by FSS and the armory, and no Hex will never see a penny for it. Hex hasn't drawn anything for commercial purposes in years to the best of my knowledge
  9. E to reverse I connect is fresh! Super dope!
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