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  1. yeh its def GMORK the reason you couldnt find it is because it is really called Die Unendliche Geschichte, Complete credited cast: Barret Oliver .... Bastian Bux Gerald McRaney .... Barney Bux, Bastian's Father Drum Garrett .... Bully #1 Darryl Cooksey .... Bully #2 Nicholas Gilbert .... Bully #3 Thomas Hill .... Koreander Deep Roy .... Teeny Weeny Tilo Prückner .... Night Hob Moses Gunn .... Cairon Noah Hathaway .... Atreyu Alan Oppenheimer .... Falkor/G'mork/Narrator (voice) Sydney Bromley .... Engywook Patricia Hayes .... Urgl
  2. "i wanna find something in your bedroom to stick in your peehole"
  3. stocktipphil


    some people just dont know what a throwup is :(
  4. naw, i was wowing at the letters. but at least hes trying. love you
  5. really good shit in here snafu and couper
  6. anyone know what kinda paint was used by adict? that shit looks faded in a good way.
  7. dont sleep on shor & vigr that serrius is clean too
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