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Everything posted by dobsilla

  1. when i was out in burlington a few years back i tried a lot of magic hat beers. i like them but dont see too many around here.
  2. i cant find the old cd exchange thread that we had but it worked out pretty well. we should do another exchange if people are down. cd's, random shit, books, flicks, anything.
  3. 272 bucks. it was supposed to go on a new tattoo but im in the hole so it went to a bunch of bullshit and now im still broke. i need a new job bad. cant live off 10,000 a year
  4. you probably have a case. my buddy was chillin on his patio and the shit snapped and he fell from the 2nd floor and broke both of his feet. he got 4 million bucks in a settlement. they had to fuse one of his feet back together and its like 2 sizes smaller than his other foor.
  5. louis logic isnt thug enough to be mero. is he even still rapping.
  6. i will be on my bike with a bag o' booze finding all them free parties.
  7. holy fuck this kid is annoying. he is addicted to myspace and cries about it http://youtube.com/watch?v=wBAwQE7ps5U
  8. find a better picture that isnt you man shit was hard. i was just looking for a white dude with a new era and a jacket that wasnt a skinny hipster.
  9. everyone i know who has an iphone either found/stole it.
  10. free iphone fuck a great reward.
  11. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jvFp7PaGfr0 last time i had any we found a bottle at the corner store in oakland by my house.
  12. dont come to my city! but if you must dont run me over...
  13. Re: Does anyone know the site where I can cop these shirts... did he say brotato?
  14. i think the answer is her horrible tattoo
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