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  1. senority {yeh iunno im still halfbaked frm last nitre n cant fuiger this scanner out} ne ways whys the 206 have so much beef its all bout whos the oldest n best n right now i have to say ubk {95}, ub been gettin crossed by ec n hella young ass writer that started cause they wanna be sumthing they dont even know -Gauzer ur up dude- ive been kickin it wit anue and hitting up recently wit geno n he saw some prices sayin id be good fer ub tho said i gots to meeet u n devr so i got hella cans maybe we can bomb sumtime
  2. slacr206


    {im fucking half ill frm last night , at least to the point where i can fuiger this shit out } iunno bout everyones hate in the 206 but im jus sayin witers best respect older crew like UB n osm since 95 gauz ive been hittin up wit geno n anue geno said dat im ub material N said i gotah meet u n devr so if u trying to hit up i got many cans jus reply
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