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  1. graff4lyf305

    this girl is hot.

    this might be the only grl from the hot grls thread that deserves to have her own. wow is all i can say and boy am i glad im in high school. she looks right around this age.
  2. graff4lyf305

    Spiderman 3 spoiler--

  3. graff4lyf305


    a fight like this should be KO no quesitons asked. this decision bullshit aint cutting it for this big of a fight. on the other hand...imagine, hoya hardly lost NOW...where its his 3rd fight in 3 years, Mayweather wouldve gotten knocked around like a pinata if Hoya was in his prime. im no racist but mayweather gives the black community the worst image. and for that i say, FACK THAT NAGGER! even his dad though hoya won, cmon now.
  4. graff4lyf305

    Spiderman 3 spoiler--

    batman begins FTW! best comic based movie to date.
  5. graff4lyf305


    i hope de la hoya fucks his ass up. mayweather is one cocky motherfuker. on the show 24/7 all he does is talk shit, and his whoel family is like anti-mexican. what a bunch of pricks. they all swear theyre gods gift to earth. de la hoya on the other hand is more down to earth and is much more mature abotu shit. mayweather has speed but if hoya can take the speed then mayweather will look like he just got knocked out by kimbo, an eye poping out n shit. HOYA FTW!!!
  6. graff4lyf305

    BEAT the picture above you

    Re: BEAT off to the picture above you wow.....i am literally about to throw up after lookin at this links about eating babies. i never let anything get to my stomack but this is on some next level hostel type shit. i cant believe theres people like that. please, lets keep the cannabalism to animals.
  7. graff4lyf305

    BEAT the picture above you

    Re: BEAT off to the picture above you this cannot be real...im sorry but i cannot accept the fact that this is real. someone please tell me i am being owned by photoshop!
  8. graff4lyf305

    BEAT the picture above you

    Re: BEAT off to the picture above you omfg...how has this thread escpaed my grasp in all the 4 years ive been on 12oz
  9. graff4lyf305

    maybe now you will consider gun control?

    ^^^ i hate to spoil the fun but that pic of fucked up on so many levels. it might be funny and all but this is nor the time or place for that. the tragedy only hapened yesterday, somebody have some fucking decency.
  10. graff4lyf305

    maybe now you will consider gun control?

    people in texas have everything, so theyre not the best example,lol. gun bans would do nothing to stop these rare massacres. now would it stop the nolife on the block from robbing jimmys kwik stop, maybe. but like someone said, society changing (mostly music and the image it has today) would have a greater impact on gun violence than any of this gun ban shit. this country was founded because farmers had guns. if they used their pitchforks to fight the british wed all have british accents at this very moment.
  11. graff4lyf305

    FLORIDA 2-PEAT'S (NCAA 2007)

    haha noahs interview postgame was hilarious, the dude is so obnoxious i love it, and thats why i wana be a fucking florida gator!
  12. graff4lyf305

    A A A

    is there a reason you guys post every songle damn handtsyle youve ever done in ur life. theres a reason others dont post it, cuz its not neccesary, you post whats good, not everything youve ever fuckin done
  13. graff4lyf305

    Court Advice

    so what r u supposed to do if the cops actually DO have practically limitless proof you did it, and its all admisable in court???
  14. graff4lyf305


    so what are you supposed to do if that shit spills on you?
  15. graff4lyf305

    Should I smash or trash my little bro?

    Re: Should I smash my little bro in his fucking face? watch niggas like 14....smack a kid in the mouth!