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  1. What happened to keeping this thread going with some flicks? I walked through what we call a train yard here today and saw a car with JA's throw up, I almost shit..I was pumped just to see someone i've seen all over the internet in a "city" of only 70,000 in little ass wisconsin.. Keep it alive
  2. The cushions are my home as of now If there were a few drawn out pieces with markers and thing, could the cops still use that?
  3. yeah well maybe i am just into the art of graffiti(if a cop were to come in my room) and like i said before i will not be writing my name anywhere. I'm not sure if the room i put the piece in will be my actual room or just a room to chill in
  4. Has anybody actually done a piece or anything on a wall of their bedroom? We are moving and my mom said i could do so, but i am thinking about doing it all with brushes 1) i can go into more detail and 2) so my mom doesnt wonder why i have all teh diferent caps and things. So if you have done so post up some pics. I'll take any advice also, I dont plan on putting my name up either
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