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  1. fear the iron curtain, seahawks are going to get fed shit
  2. parliament funkadelic-Dr funkenstein
  3. im down for a pencil battle cause im too lazy to get markers get at me
  4. anyone trying to battle im down but my shits going to be in pencil
  5. being diagnosed at age 8 with a disease where im going to die relatively young
  6. yuckmouth

    i admit

    i admit in 4th grade i shit myself, in 5th grade i pissed in someone's trapper keeper and put in back on their desk during recess, and i admit in 11th grade i woke up with a crotch full of nut and a desk full of drool
  7. yuckmouth


    eve may not be sexy but i wanted to see the video because its like seeing that one girl from highschool who got drunk and let like ten dudes train it,its a familiar face you know
  8. yuckmouth


    I didn't want to start a new topic but has anyone heard about that Eve sextape?I'm kind of curious and trying to see that shit....pervert for life
  9. maybe you should just do some push up, sit ups, pull ups, and shit. i was taught these exercises in like 2nd grade.
  10. I would abortion punch the past and present form of said person. They all get the big thumbs down.No remorse.
  11. the only slang i can think of is "jumbo" as bologna and the word "yinz"
  12. Woke up at my friends house half naked, covered in blood, with raw red knuckles...the good ol times of drinking.
  13. yuckmouth


    your boys in that movie punch like some sissies...damn shame
  14. my parents talked about this shit if they were to get divorced they would wait til im out on my own and graduated from school and shit, my parents would still talk and shit they would just kinda move out...its whatever i wouldnt really care.
  15. yuckmouth

    Character Post

    bump this thread never let it die
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