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  1. im guessing he's going to write something about information that can be gathered by posting questions on an internet forum.
  2. Who gives a care? Not myself, that's for sure certain. The nazi can go pluck an ass hair.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Milonakis Milonakis has a growth hormone condition which gives him the outward appearance and voice of an adolescent boy when he is in fact a grown man. Contrary to popular belief, Milonakis was not the "Man Show Boy", a smart-mouthed boy who frequently appeared on The Man Show. Andy's hobbies are hopscotch, GameCube, and lamp shopping. In 2005 he recorded the Hip Hop-song 'Like Dis' together with his friend, rapper J-Kwon.
  4. i hear you. the rain just wont stop!
  5. ah-ha. so i missed a letter, its a forum post not a t-shirt. just thought youd want the clearest message, some punctuation could help.
  6. a little puncuation might help.
  7. expiration date what? what about stale oreo cookies? ive never heard of humpty dumptys. i have an unopened bag of dirt mcgirt rap snacks.
  8. eh, my friends said the gza show was the best. i thought it was aight. i wasnt as drunk as they were. the gza isnt really lyrically strenuous but he still had his hype men finish all his lines.
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