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  1. WhoGotJokes

    why should i write my own senior thesis

    im guessing he's going to write something about information that can be gathered by posting questions on an internet forum.
  2. WhoGotJokes

    Spelling Nazi...

    Who gives a care? Not myself, that's for sure certain. The nazi can go pluck an ass hair.
  3. WhoGotJokes

    was there ever a time

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Milonakis Milonakis has a growth hormone condition which gives him the outward appearance and voice of an adolescent boy when he is in fact a grown man. Contrary to popular belief, Milonakis was not the "Man Show Boy", a smart-mouthed boy who frequently appeared on The Man Show. Andy's hobbies are hopscotch, GameCube, and lamp shopping. In 2005 he recorded the Hip Hop-song 'Like Dis' together with his friend, rapper J-Kwon.
  4. WhoGotJokes

    What ever happend to Crystal Pepsi?

    no longer available here...
  5. WhoGotJokes

    she rubbed her titties on my feet.

    duly noted.
  6. WhoGotJokes

    sun's out

    i hear you. the rain just wont stop!
  7. "wanna floppy?" ^j/k from girl next door.
  8. WhoGotJokes

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

  9. WhoGotJokes

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

    tamales and beans yaddidamean?
  10. cousin couples its a serious website.
  11. WhoGotJokes

    The Post A T-Shirt Thread

    ah-ha. so i missed a letter, its a forum post not a t-shirt. just thought youd want the clearest message, some punctuation could help.
  12. WhoGotJokes

    The Post A T-Shirt Thread

    a little puncuation might help.
  13. WhoGotJokes


  14. WhoGotJokes

    I Had One Chip

    expiration date what? what about stale oreo cookies? ive never heard of humpty dumptys. i have an unopened bag of dirt mcgirt rap snacks.
  15. WhoGotJokes

    should i go see the GZA?

    eh, my friends said the gza show was the best. i thought it was aight. i wasnt as drunk as they were. the gza isnt really lyrically strenuous but he still had his hype men finish all his lines.