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  1. They dont know what that star bout. Texas is the home of tha playas and pimps.
  3. Later haters we out of this state............
  4. I got a new level of respect for avail.
  5. Wow this is a first for me, i've never heard avail and piece in the same sentence without callin him a piece of shit.
  6. why you tryin to beat around the bush, tell us straight up who you tryin to hate on. Or you're just tryin to make people realize that hey this guy knows his "fundamentals". Either way sound like a idiot to me.
  7. I'll worry about it when i see you face to face, castro too. Cause you pussy's aint even up for it to be a fare match, even with zitos :haha: Suicidal employees killing supervisors........
  8. ^^^ Shut the hell up "tick" you don't know what you're talking about. your the biggest toy in austin, all you do is little gay tick tags hick tags and horrible bombs. As of now we are beefin and when i see your lil ass im stickin my streaker up it> ya boyyy that what you get for slashin my shit kid>my crew will fuck your apartment uphahahahhaha fuck tick in two thousand and five<<<<<<<<<<<< SEKS GIZANG FAGGOT> RESPECT YOUR FOR FATHERS> just fucking with ya kid but really dont touch my shit< matter of fact don"t hit up in a block radius next to my shit
  9. If i was you i'd hate me too, cause im sittin sideways like a playstation 2.
  10. Just got back from h-town, yall have the nicest crackheads!
  11. :haha: :haha: :haha: what is that a meth lab.
  12. is that my boy hectik with the mad steez.
  13. Im the undisputed king of the parkin lot.
  14. man that shit under the doper looks sick!!! :haha: Quoted post heard you went over me with a ton of marker tags, whats the deal? Quoted post [/b] I didnt go over ya. matter of fact i dont even do "marker tags"
  15. man that shit under the doper looks sick!!! :haha:
  16. Yup......... oh ya fukinhomo2000 is a toy. Free synje. lock up hectik. and fuckudos. who's humer? AST.
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