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  1. he didnt say he was a genius ur jus dum cos you dont know wot is happening
  2. from http://www.tmtakedown.tk
  3. :scowl: SHAME ON U AT Quoted post [/b] i dont see you doing much better hometime.
  4. i would probaly cry if that happened 2 me :beat2:
  5. almost as good as the girl you posted up frank :mexican:
  6. hmmmmm dont no what that last pic is about :what:
  7. wernt stereotyping any one wouldnt care if you wore pvc suites you cock
  8. i wouldnt recomend it at all.
  9. southwest london man. i advise you stick clear if it looks like ran, the walk there is no fun in the mud. ask cam... Quoted post [/b] if you can call that london :haha:
  10. you cool skater dudes radical!!!
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