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  1. the neas doesnt look finished
  2. but are they older and to bice's standards......NO :haha: Quoted post [/b] i dont think you understand what i said. :huh2: they r younger than bice and one day will be to his standard iv seen some old bice stuff :yuck:
  3. the bice is good but u lot making out like its the sickest shit on steel... hmmm i can see some of the younger painters on this thread easily to bice's standard when their older nuff respect to the toys lol keep hotting up all the best plots i love the internet all you idiots getting so pissed of at some message lol
  4. http://www.perpetual-motions.com/Steel.html chek this site quite a bit of unseen steel, with some quality too
  5. his b's make me feel ill nowadays Quoted post [/b] ha its zile your fucking wak hahaha why bother lol posting your own pannle too you should know better than that now and if i was you id keep that pannle to my self good thing it never ran lol
  6. his b's make me feel ill nowadays Quoted post as in you dont like it?
  7. yeh yeh add it always nice to see the runners
  8. alot of the trains wernt in full service today so i expect their will be more out on the lines tomo so keep ur cameras on you..
  9. what lines have been runnig and what have you seen
  10. yeh man they where more onit than usual in some places
  11. hope every one is out tomo to watch the festive damage running hohohohoho
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