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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha:lol:Hey Nas even my girl said you sound like a little girl on your funny ass message, try call'n with an unblocked # next time
  2. Re: Re: Please... Kid? are you serious, fool I'm older than you and all your whole little league, Yeah I know how 2 get at ya, and I'm doing it right here. Wow you can take peoples leftover cans 2 there house, big fuck'n deal:rolleyes: I'd like 2 see ya do that shit 2 him in person
  3. Please... If you call that bitt'n ass diar style painting, I could do that shit in my sleep, tell the Jr. Little League 2 keep my name outta they mouth, and if they gonna write shit about me, atleast spell the name right:lol:
  4. Ha, that wack NAS crap needs 2 stay off the reefers. Wanna be so-called kings:lol:
  5. MomuhsBoi


    Wheres the Arms that was next 2 that Ken, caught that shit before Go Faves:D
  6. Bump for Ender, the rest is mostly crap
  7. C.O.R. Stencil, thats one nice catch.
  8. Kathy and those sexy bare feet gets around:D
  9. Glue be bang'n em out:D
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