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  1. RISE IN POWER KING KISER I'll never forget the first time I met KISE. I was at a party on Belmont in like 2000 with some other FB heads and I saw comie talking to KISE. I didn't know who KISE was, so I asked comie if that kid he was talking to was a writer. He told me it was KISE, so I decided to go introduce myself. When I walked up to KISE I said "what's up man do you write?"...all toy about it... KISE just said "you know who I am, what's up evoke, good to meet you." He NEVER fronted, or bullshitted with anyone. A straight-forward cat, who bombed ruthlessly. I'lll never forget how real he was, from the first time I met him, 'till the last time I saw him. His name meant KING, and that's what he was... from the Howard to the rest of the city. My sincere apologies to his family, CAB, POR, XMEN, and the rest of the people he touched. -evoke I also want to apologize for the sheridan spot... I only meant respect, and didn't realize the stainer... I'll do my best to make sure a KISE will ALWAYS be on that spot. RIP KING KISE.
  2. good post that first kwest made me shudder ich sever rime
  3. nice post Komed where's the elotes next to it?
  4. ^^^^^^HHAHAHAHAHAHA cap's throw-ups are fuckin' sick setup tie erupto wyse MQ that pumpkin throwing up
  5. Haters TURBO DOG... why you hatin' on morgan? "an aids case" ... what the fuck are you talking about... oh, and what did the piece that you stamped morgan with say... Lemme dumb it down...What do you write bitch?
  6. money is great to tag on (though you'll probably never catch your shit no matter how many you do) tagging inside cabs is pimp (for us city folk) greyhound buses (inside and out) garbage trucks and how bout those magazines they give you on airplanes (next level shit)
  8. very nice post potleeze do the damn thing....
  9. hahaha SiempreUno- - Graffiti is opinion based, point well taken. Also, its good to hear you say you respect morgan even if you just became familiar with his shit these past few months. Yesterday was the first time I ever heard of you, but keep it up cause I want to see more. And once again, nobody was hating in the first place. If I was gonna hate I'd call you a biter and a toy the first time I posted for stealing morgan's name, which I didn't. I just pointed out the similarity. Bullshit dropped... Phuse_rock- -Eat MY shit, little bitch. Self-promote all you fuckin' want, this "internet graffiti crusader" could care less...At least you boy morge is grown enough to talk intelligently. oh...and you wanna talk about wack names.... fuse? :lol:
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