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  1. Hi, you said rent is ok if I'm lucky. Would you consider me lucky if I could find a room for 500 euros a month? How much does a metro card cost? What do you get up to in Paris? How old are you? I'm 19. Say on friday night I didn't have to work and wanted to go out and meet some people where's a cool place to go? Any suggestions? What's life like in Paris? Tell me a good story. Are you going to portugal to watch any games? Ever been to Nice? Or Monte Carlo? Let's talk. Peace
  2. Hi.. do you live there? or were/are you just visiting? How's rent and whats are jobs like? How much is the minimum wage? Are the french really as stuck up as everyone says? Are the women fine like wine? Are you a female? I hope you don't mind this interrogation. That's all for now I guess. Thanks. http://observe.arc.nasa.gov/nasa/gallery/world/new_world/graphics/paris.jpg'>
  3. Anyone live there or been there recently? Let's talk.
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