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  1. 20+years of style,innovation ,and all around dopishness zephyr fuckin rocks indeed
  2. 00

    fuckin TUFF GUYS!

    ^^ that was cold and hilarious
  3. does it really call the cops on you or just not shut up and fry your brain with its elecrto-voice namby pamby? where are the pictures stored?how many can be stored? will it take more pictures if you keep triggering it?
  4. well........at least you paint. thats a great start.i think doin BIG simples is the way to go rock that roller/blockbuster and post it by the way everything posted by seakr is pure hotness
  5. 00

    flix from me

    i disagree with you on throws,like so many others,b/c first of all the example you gave ,obey,those arent throws.theyre stickers/posters.i honestly dont think ive ever seen a "meaningful" throw. "Its not that hard to paint your name all over the city" how many all city writers do you know? at one point you said you "did it" meaning you were all city i have a tendancy to doubt that because atlanta is huge blah...........
  6. 00


    this is awesome! i havent seen anyone get get called a "tool" in quite a while thank you you made my day.
  7. isnt that some form of illegal search and siezure?because there is no evidence of the driver actually being impaired officer discression is one of the most un fair phrases ever...
  8. great flicks ! kinda sucks to see dope shit get stamped........
  9. i agree with tease.
  10. wow!! those are some sick color schemes that wholecar made feel funny......
  11. yes it was for you did i imply i was prowar? im sorry i just feel like this dosent help the anti war stance one bit and it makes sense that this case will be used as yet another reason to combat these people. terrorists killed hostages tied to american efforts that are non military.these guys didnt sign up to fight.but were murdered just the same. could this be the EVIL of which bush speaks?
  12. man i feel bad for this poor guy he was just there WORKING he didnt deserve this and yes it will be used as pro war fuel but rightly so. im surprised you spun this to make it his fault.the only culprit(s) are the bastards who kidnapped him,made uncompliable demands,then executed him
  13. that body builder character is awesome!!!!! is by monk-e too??
  14. go to home depot /lowes and look around. they have huge sheets of sheetrock and also particle board(8 x 4) use particle board not plywood that shit eats paint. im assuming u want to use it to practice on? if so that'll work out fine and yes prime it
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