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  1. the word toy dosent really apply to that wall at all. The skill level alone should have caused you to recognize the fact that those pieces are good(exept the tuors one). And it is highly unlikey that you could burn anyone on that wall, with your "fresh ,new, cool ,uncopied style"
  2. i might give it a shot how'd you end up on a site like that?
  3. dude, dont do this anymore
  4. im really not feelin that handstyle.....too many doohickies and what not
  5. 00

    practice walls

    the key to a good 3d piece is shading
  6. 00

    Kem 5

    Kem5 dosent just paint legals you douche.Havent you seen the 3a rooftops and street bombs? and by "backwood frieght spots" do you mean wholecars? ....theres just no pleasin some people.
  7. bombin rooftops doin nonstop nonstops with blue mops lettin toys peep the flicks, like whos hot? takin out your fillins -get a new spot this for Ny fats rustos and blue dots this is for innovators bringin the new thoghts fuck it
  8. most of its really hot.except the ges bite
  9. that fuckface dosent get it..........straight letters are all about style. its not like doing times new roman font, its your personal take on letters and can come off with more style than some pieces. take that espo for example,its not boring its stylishious...... im sure you all already knew that, its for the fuckface.
  10. 00


    thats disappointing............
  11. i agree with lens........to a point see the fact is hardly anyone is going to make a LIVING off graffiti.Its really gonna be something like "hey man can i buy that piece and use it on a shirt/hat/etc.And the writer gets $200 the company gets thousands and theyll probly never see each other again.i dont see a time when a company is gonna HIRE a writer over some graphic design douche who can bite your letters,or just make really bad ones,to sell their clothes. P.S i define selling out as changing your values/beliefs/style? to make$ hope i made sense .i cant tell.
  12. is it cool if i get in the almost battle? this is mine if not just ignore my wackness.
  13. kod is fuckin tight.He didnt bite any specific letters from AWR. It looks a little like that but i think its the fill more than anything. PS. shits hot but i just want to say that your r is too far away from your e.Thats just my of opinion..............
  14. i dont have any but ive used em.theyre really not bad.I prefer decos and its all about the twelve pack sharpies
  15. serf has the best throw.end of discussion. whats wrong with cope's?why is it dumb?
  16. i just looked at that for a while...a while and all i can seem to see is a big s.can some one help me find the letters?
  17. if you think that looks like an m by the way, you kids need to look back at your alphabet Im saying its not good.it just looks like an m. sorry.
  18. dude you have 3 choices 1.go over it. 2.spot jock 3 quit whining and paint somethin else.
  19. ..................bump............
  20. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v251/overcast888/role.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v251/overcast888/rank.jpg'>
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