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  1. those goose/dfie/verbs freights are fuckin' nice.
  2. So is this guy from SF or uhh... Europeland? Confused.
  3. if any of you kids ever left west u and drove out to the heights & down by value village, you would see skum and rh's aplenty.
  4. lolz post here if you are ridin the storm out!
  5. for the record, i hope everyone (even people who i'm not bff with) stays safe. hope it's not too rough on anybody's homes or families.
  6. Fuck an evacuation. Ridin' this mug out. Real big.
  7. i would rename this thread the "ugly ass wack shit" thread.
  8. If you ignorant wastes of life knew the first thing about this art you are so valiantly defending, you would know that the vortex or whatever had its farewell party this past weekend, and it is to be demolished in the coming week. It's about to get knocked the fuck down. Pay attention to local events and quit jumping to conclusions.
  9. rims and i often do cum on each other's faces. it's no different than softserve or any other type of yogurt/ice cream dispenser. and you're right, you are an expert on what i am and am not in. ever consider that maybe my cockbuddy put me down? but it's cool, that's what graffiti is about- people on the internet threatening each other with physical violence. i see the connection: painting/having fun->BEAT BITCHES UP!
  10. "snitch faggot white boy." do you ever see yourself as a parody? everything that is dumb and goofy about writers, you sort of take to the extreme. and then you have no skills to back it up. more dts, more gy, more etbk. and if you are going to be this bad, at least try to be imaginative, man.
  11. goddamn, that grows shit is rough on the eyes.
  12. Groes... holy shit, how did he get worse? And about Skum not painting, dude just doesn't go for internet fame. Everytime I goto Value Village, I see a hundred Skums/Rh's.
  13. Grows... Let's be reasonable. You are one of the worst writers in Texas. Whereas you would probably know who Infect was if you knew about shit. Get better. Or worse, whichever. WHITE FILL WHITE OUTLINE - CORE!
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