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  1. some nice fued n memo from way back when...
  2. vintage british rails! swagged off N-IGMA...
  3. DWS are still about just not smacking it nearly so much. Jela spends most of his time in kent these days with pupils the size of 8balls
  4. even that slammer has been on here before I'm sure... shame about the quality of that pic...
  5. this is true... I think this debate has run on far too long already wheres the flix do I get my A?
  6. whos this? is it half a panel or the whole thing. a bit alternative but i like it.
  7. I don't think we should be happy about anyone hitting our system with shit plain simple throw ups. So what if they're a legend... maybe they should have a decent throwup... I've seen tags better than that!
  8. feeling the Asiue and Debug peices!
  9. what is graff about then... getting up (and known), the 'art' or just being a vandal. :huh2: Quoted post [/b] graf is about what you want it to be... personally i like doing burning peices aswell as getting respect from others for what i do. Although its definitely more about being good than up
  10. Why be negative?When youv'e been writing over 30 years and still got the motivation to get off your ass and go yard then come back and talk shit.Who gives a fuck if it's in a field,it's not like he's got anything to prove.Does he have to go and do a end 2 end in G or something?I'm sure he's doing it just cos he loves painting,be it a br or whatever.It's still good to see a legend hitting steel here anyway. ;) Quoted post [/b] hmmmmmmm... I don't think heads should get special treatment for the type of thing that would be ridiculed if it were done by any number of the local toys just for being legends. DEFINITELY not as good as the prvious cope shit on the great easterns... that was good/ goodish.
  11. is the underground thread gone for good?
  12. what wall is this.... the one that the kak is on.? is it in london?
  13. yesy es cope. is that the same legend from the US?
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