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  1. maturity at it's finest. YA DIGG? ANYWAYS, ill get some flix together thanks for the support man
  2. dont completley discredit all the talent our small state has.
  3. well i dont think bumping the old one would do much i have some photos from some providence stuff, 2006 and 07 but nothing really spectacular. Im pumped. would you as a moderator mind starting one and ask for peoples participation, i feel it would have a little more pull than me, whose been a member here for 6 years and only have 266 posts haha


    think of letter structure instead of bubbles, graffiti is an art and a style so you need to think a bit more on composition. equality of space how it flows and if it looks cool to your eyes. thicker more even lines always help. and remember when you are just starting out, and even beyond that, less is more. DON'T BITE PEOPLE, but gain influence from writers they know what they are doing. now this doesn't mean take things from them, but look how they evenly use space in their letters how they sometimes use repetition to create a flow. lastly work on your speed, don't rush, but don't waste your time, smooth consistant lines.


    isnt there a toys post here thread.
  6. im on here alot, but obviously dont post alot. im not really networked with many writers, any reason why the old rhode island thread disapeared. i know people write here and new stuff goes up all the time. if there were legal issues simply let me know and then delete this thread. just wondering whatsup with my state.
  7. kids good. Leave him alone
  8. 2 lino cut prints i made a while back
  9. sperry top siders, baby blue polo fairway shorts, a baby blue and white stripped ralph lauren polo, and a polo hat. last night's attire while destroying. no one suspected a thing.
  10. verbal assault. one king down. snapcase. disembodied. __ = current play listt
  11. is there a reason i cant see the pics? i have to click on the link...?
  12. is there a reason all i can see are links? i have to click on every time to see a peice?
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