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  1. aight, i am sorry for askin so many questions, i just wanted 2 know where i could get a lot of paint without getin caught.
  2. yea man im a cop. u r fuckin crazy i hate cops. all i was tryin 2 find out was where there r stores without cameras and shit like that.
  3. i wanted 2 know where tha best places to rack paint are in boston.(if i asked this question in the wrong section im sorry).
  4. 59fifty


    kem5 marka27 cope sire GOA(crew)
  5. r thoughs walls mostly used for practice, or do ppl do nice shit on them
  6. where do yall think is tha best place 2 paint in boston?
  7. graff shops in boston? i just wanted to know if there is any graff shops in boston
  8. so i guess u dont know
  9. yo i want to know when doin it in the park is. i heard september but im not positive. its in peters park in boston
  10. yo i made this mop but ink leaked through the bottom. could some one tell me how to fix this without given me all the cheap crap u uasully do.
  11. 59fifty

    best paint

    fuck you all i was tryin to find out is what the best brands are
  12. 59fifty

    best paint

    yo, i want to whatis some of the best paint out and were to buy it.
  13. yo i just wanted to see who was on hear from boston and what crew* thier in
  14. na foreal, i want 2 join 1
  15. funny shit man dat was sum funny shit
  16. yo im from boston and i want to join a cru
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