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  1. Has anyone ever skated Royal 4 low trucks? Wondering whether they're worth investing in, been skating ventures all my life and fancy a change.
  2. Makes me wanna buy a zipzinger
  3. "Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front." — Nelson Mandela
  4. Milk that doesn't pour properly i.e. goes down the side of the carton and onto your socks.
  5. Why do I get my turn when i'm all outta fresh movies in my brain. You are correct gasface so you can go on :( How many films do you watch?!
  6. If you get this one then i'm not playing ever again : (
  7. Alright everyone, I need a quick opinion. Going for my first Film SLR since I'm bored of digital. I can get my hands on a Canon EOS 3000. Are they decent enough? And is it worth paying 40 pounds (about $65) for? Thanks.
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