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  1. nicole....hit me up, we've got running to do..
  2. 96 service drive, so gully, so fun..
  3. I was at a bar where DJ graffiti was playing, and they cut off his set, to publicly announce that somebody tagged the bathroom, and should go clean it off and apologize. Haha, hip hop is my favorite sport... Army knows whats up far oral let's see some more work..lookin good so far.
  4. every time i come around.. the boys are back in town...
  5. it was a crazy coked out electro club, but i figured as much, i just saw a lot of names from detroit painted out their..boris, eel, and some others. wasnt trying to give you any more reasons to hate me or anything ;) "the love is for the haters"
  6. uh, i thought you were. mr well traveled..
  7. some one is going to write gray, because someone has been doing so for years, and he dont give a fuck. He could care less about any of the other more stylish, well traveled, or more up greys/grays anywhere else in the world because he came up doin this shit to do it. Friends of mine have seen gray tags all over the country on freights, and in the backgrounds of movies filmed in LA. Graffiti is generally a local thing, not everybody looks at the internet or magazines, they just like to to tags and fills, and chill with the locals... bump for gray. years in the game, stayin the same. word.
  8. painting is painting, and its fun, but you know how many kids have and cherish their flicks of that Beta piece? With busted shit especially..why? shit was still fresher than ya life even if it was three shades lighter sunken into that sweet westside concrete...
  9. hughes told me his secret recipe for krink, it includes gasoline, olive oil, and a shot of the cheapest vodka availabel at your local corner store... super lethal ish. ''hey dude, Ill throw you a few bucks to smoke me down'' i heard nicole was getting a beer belly..
  10. fbs seems to like digging themselves into holes they cant squeeze themselves out of... Did you guys ever print up business cards?
  11. when did tgv get to be everybodys biggest enemy...? there is such animosity in the air... cant we all just get along...
  12. aesia thor oar flu grim stori gary finally real flicks!
  13. is this the new graffiti tracing message board?
  14. that bugbed1 tag is sweet :wink2:
  15. <!--QuoteBegin-SqurrlMaster@Feb 11 2006, 08:36 PM i didnt see that abort when i posted that. ill be the first to say, its WAY too wide to be philly, but the face is sweet. fohr told me about philly style after he moved back from there, its just something you obtain from living there. kinda like how people in detroit are just naturally fatter than everyone else. Quoted post :rolleyes: sorry, but you call the last five pages of this thread crap, and contribute this? I love you Squrrl. -JU :$: TIN I tell everybody from other countries that everybody is a rapper in detroit, you just kinda obtain it from living there.
  17. newave is the homie. smokin good, workin hard. nice flicks. dudes doin a pretty good job for seeing detroit from a one person perspective.
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