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  1. ^^^hahahaha. i'm waiting for someone to do a one of key in his hammock...
  2. what about this? isn't this in new york? (thats a general question by the way, im not trying to be a smart arse)
  3. thanks again. Midnite, check yours.
  4. i just posted it because i'm pretty sure SIER is a paris writer (i could be wrong) , i liked the dub, it fits in this thread (sort of). I'm sorry you didnt like it...
  5. yeah those FIFTYFOUR blokes seem pretty wierd. im constantly finding pictures of them painting whilst searching for gay porn. theres also a fotolog account with a load of pics of them painting naked and shit. strange.
  6. i saw those lot on monday. was quite funny. this fella seemed to be the centre of attraction so i took a photo of him. Sorry, back on topic...
  7. oh, Home Time. your hilarious antics never cease to amuse me... [/sarcasm]
  8. well, hes hardly gonna dog someone with a piece is he?
  9. im agreeing with cashrefund. its not as if the cop just did it without warning her. if he's saying "if you dont get out of the car, i am going to tase you" over and over again, you can't complain when he finally does it. he gave her enough warnings and enough time to put the phone down and get out the car. she deserved it. infact, she deserved another round of tasing for the annoying sounds she makes while shes on the floor. "UUUHHH... UUUHHHH... UHHHHH. UUUUHHHHH. UUUUUHHHH. UUUUHHHH"
  10. was about to post that myself. classic.
  11. HAHAHAHAHA thats classic. "put the phone down or i am going to tase you." "he's sayin' he gon' tas- AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" her voice is fucking annoying.
  12. the odd flick of fat joe's stuff gets posted in the new york thread. and hes in the cope2 vid, shows some of his pieces. hes not great, but not too bad either. he writes CRACK as someone allready said
  13. im actually looking forward to this website. should be funny.
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