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  1. foodstamps

    Oil painting...

    I googled 'how to get oil paint to dry quickly' and this is what came up first. Might seem helpful. http://rourkevisualart.com/wordpress/2006/09/20/how-to-get-oil-paint-to-dry-quickly/ I personally would have used one quarter liquin with the oil mixed, but I don't have any personal suggestions on what to do after the paint has already been applied. I hope everything worked out well for you!
  2. foodstamps

    Oil painting...

    With a guy like Peter Halley at the head of the graduate painting department at Yale, I kind of doubt that the school is still persuing that sort of style, but who knows..
  3. foodstamps


    I just sent this into threadless.com. Anyone else participate in that site?
  4. foodstamps

    The Babble

  5. foodstamps

    Made In Taiwan

    this thread made me want to marry my taiwanese ex-girlfriend.
  6. foodstamps

    The Post A T-Shirt Thread

    Yea, I couldnt help but think of earsnot when I posted that shirt. haha
  7. foodstamps

    The Post A T-Shirt Thread

  8. foodstamps

    The next presidential election

    I think Obama can manage to transcend any racial prejudices brought upon by most WASPS with his brains and charisma. While whites historically vote in greater numbers than minorities, I think seeing a guy like Obama on the ballot will galvanize minorities to vote in far greater numbers. I've got high hopes for the man. OBAMA '08!
  9. foodstamps

    Irving Norman (1906-1989)

    This shits scary like that thread with North Korean architecture in Channel Zero. It's like Escher painting on a bad trip commissioned by some evil empire. (shiver)
  10. foodstamps


    Well that makes perfect sense
  11. foodstamps

    channel zero heads: i wanna see your graffiti

    Yea, you're right. That as looks fucking stupid.
  12. foodstamps

    channel zero heads: i wanna see your graffiti

    awesome. awesome awesome awesome.
  13. foodstamps

    The Babble

    Good find abusei. I caught that article as well. Here's an interesting bit of trivia that I so happened to catch in National Geographic today - Jean Claude and Christo were born on the same day and same hour. The latest issue has an interview of the two with questions regarding the most recent proposed piece, 'Over the River', an on-site installation of cloth running down the Arkansas River in the Colorado Rockies. Here is one of the prepatory sketches- And some work done in the past-
  14. foodstamps

    getting paid from your graff skills

    The second one is all spray paint. Canvas wrapped over 8 x 4 ft plywood.