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  1. Gates

    Wash DC

    wack.........whats the first pic say 5iveDee?
  2. Gates

    Wash DC

    i doubt that sire is still running....could be though
  3. Gates

    Wash DC

    damn yo this thread got really wack..
  4. Gates

    Wash DC

    you aint even gotta or can atleast say dc aint got a scene...
  5. 3. "We don't swear in this house." sure, you don't say fuck or any of the other big five in front of grown up but words like "Darn" or "Jerk"? I was once asked to just say "fiddlesticks" (?) Eventually I was banned from playing with one kid for using the word "hell" 4. "Time for bed!" yeah....at seven in the fucking evening. What? 5. "Now we say grace." my family never did that grace thing before meals. When other families did it, I got really creeped out. I closed my eyes and thought about Star Wars or Gi-Joe.
  6. punchin my t.v. so it can work..gotta stand up to hold the antena in one position cause that's the only way it'll work
  7. pharoah monch and common-the life
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