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  1. Re: word Since when was GHOST slept on? Ya know who else is mad slept on...ENRON. Holler!:king:


    yo shit is lame. Step of your game son.
  3. This shit is of the hizzook. Straight NYC steez, vandalisim.
  4. Why dont you fools just kiss and make up...Faggots!
  5. I dont know why I write...its just my steez. Fuck that art shit I wanna strait vandalize, ya smell me? If you wanna do art, by a canvas. If ya wanna do graff grab a can and hit the streets. Niggahs know.
  6. The cop character looks kinda like a SKEME car...Hmmmm.NYC!
  7. If you havent seen the Autograf pictures of UFO you may still wonder why he hasnt responded. If you have, you'll understand.
  8. The problem with most writers now is they skip the basics and go strait for some bugged out shit. Work on strait lines. make the width of all the letters similar. Overall make it less complex untill you get your style down.
  9. WACK!!!Never touch a pen.
  10. CEOCAT

    Style wars!

    You all are whinney bitches! CAP had a killer throwy and the will to piss the shit out of people. JA is similar. Beef is the game and they both play it well. Recognize. That shit is part of graff. If you cant handle your shit getting painted over, take some art classes and get into that canvas shit. Word... and some toy from around the way(I dont wanna mention his name) rags crisp ass fills with shitty dollar paint, stock cap, wack handstyle tags.
  11. CEOCAT


    Who else is in this book?
  12. Vis-ine eyedroppers work better casue you can skip the entire wax step.
  13. Can anyone beat the rate rat? I dont think so.
  14. This shit is dope. Mad funny.
  15. Werd. Mad toys rag dope shit with stock cap tags. And not even nice ones, just some 8th gade bullshit!
  16. Werd peeps need to get their own ideas. Now days any toy who can afford a pilot thinks their a writer. FUCK THAT. If you made your ass that mop, then get up with it, mad peeps dont know bout that. Learn your own...Get your own steez!:king: :king: :king: :king:
  17. CEOCAT


    Lets see some more illegal flix.
  18. Fuck artfags! Try doing something artistic or get a handstyle and just tag your bullshit message!
  19. All toys need to start with fat pilot black. Then move to whatever the fuck you want. Blogging for advice is MAD TOY! Stay up.
  20. Representing Bucktown! Is there any place in the world as nice as Brooklyn. Maybe not as much fame as in Manhattan, but we run this shit!
  21. Is this book gonna be more than flicks of writers. Although that is dope it could get old really fast for 30 beans. Any flicks of actual graff? Anybody whos seen it please respond.
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