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  1. no thats all, i know its not a lot sorry
  2. gnamla

    weapons for money?

    so now lots of insurgents have turned in their weapons for money, am i the only one that thinks this is stupid? i mean sure they lose their weapons but now they have money to possible buy nuke technology or nukes or bio weapons, wow now we are funding terrorists maybe we should invade ourselves, yalls thoughts....
  3. me and my friends are going as the Sealab crew
  4. Dilated Peoples "Night Life" most definitly should be part of it
  5. Glue Brother Ali Seekret Socyetee
  6. "...and its all thanks to yes i cannabis!....WE HAVE A KITCHEN?!" - homer
  7. funny stuff, and its good thing i have a G and lack a B, i am well aware of what NAMBLA is
  8. baton rouge....you write?
  9. gnamla

    worst name

    mine is pretty bad, but i dont give a fuck
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