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  1. maybe before you think about workin on colors, the last 2 posts should work on letter structure.....
  2. yeah, it works now idiot, why do you insist on posting everyting in 4 diff threads, people get pissed at that shit....damn kic, learn some shit,,,,,,,shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit but yes, the canvas idea is cool onesecondple
  3. nomak dont know stupid shit like that cluetwo, its all about hatchets and gettin money from daddy onesecondple
  4. that is a funny commercial cuz i like the song for some reason, damnnnnnnnn onesecondple
  5. i want to see pics onesecondple/forgot my password which is saved
  6. cause he's your crewmate Quoted post [/b] what the hell is wrong with you fag? you understand that i dont write suck , suck one, or any kind of suck, you are amazingly retarded for continually posting shit that insinuates that i do write suck one, i have fully let people who dont know (which is about you and only you) know that i dont write suck. Yet, you insist on registering for the sole purpose of quoting me and sayin that i write suck one. Amazing, the copyright sign would let you know that i am puttin up a sayin, not my name. You would think that if i did write suck one,
  7. teach and some others, onesecondple can eat your faces
  8. well, i slept through my first 2 classes, am hella early to this one, so i got on the computer, i couldnt remember my password to my usual name so i used this one, it took me 49210 tries to get on, my house is always cold and i had to rush finish a drawing, then i have to walk to work, i have 2 cars, both of which arent runnin well right now, but hey, who cares i guess onesecondple/birthday in a week, i better get a damn thread
  9. happy birthday chica....bangerang
  10. coupe and mber rock trains pretty hard, they seem to be in at least 1 picture in every thread.
  11. great post there. I have been just browsing through threads, and I have noticed you post some of the most useless shit.
  12. Re: Re: What's Your Pimp Name? yes, i also got most of these combonations, minus the t and theodore and such. Its just like the other programs around, nothing special
  13. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00401408f00000009.jpg'> the only problem that i see actually is the t, it looks like it has tumors on it, if that makes sense. Just make it all nice and smooth on the top
  14. So, we can not vote on the save battle yet?
  15. I am really feeling that omen work, and the face sketch is also very nice
  16. looks pretty good man, looks good
  17. you have some really nice stuff vandelust, looks really good, many skills
  18. Re: ^Agreed yeah, so do I, keep it up guys
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