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  1. it totally sucked, i didnt have any contacts,,,,it sucked, so i had to find some dried up in a contact case and soak them, i need to get new ones and new glasses...

  2. no, the reason i posted those walls is because you asked or you said that i didnt do diff fills, i dont make my own thread and post up about shit like that. Nomak does that all the time in paper chase because like i said before that if you post in the brickslayers forum, people are gonna fuckin dog him. Many times in paper chase, such as the sketch/finished piece comparisons. thats fine, but nomak postes a few sketches, then walls walls walls walls. thats my discrepancy with him. So dont call me out for posting walls when the percent of my paper chase picture posts that contain walls compared to my posts containng sketches is greatly differnt, therefore your argument is null and void.

  3. damnit, i made up a huge reply and it got messed up and now i cant use the back key


    other nicknames i have had


    keith carlson




    nicknames i have given


    Shitty Mike


    Ash hole





    Roast Beef and Gravious

    Brian Pervnert

    I call gamblersgrin fagtitties and casek casexual



    Curtis (her name is alicia)

    Early Bird



    and there are probably more, but i dont want to get into that, class is starting....

  4. i havent gotten gas in a while cuz i am walking everywhere, but gas aroudn here is like 1.88 for 87, 1.95/7 for 91 and about 2.05-2.15 for premiumsssssss, but like i said, i dont do much driving, im bout to sell one of my cars even...

  5. Originally posted by seeking@Oct 29 2004, 11:20 AM

    maannnnnnnn, you guys are like a pack of dumb jocks.

    you've gotta coax that shit out of them, you can't beat em over the head like an angry mobb. ever hear of the 'catch more flies with honey than vinegear' addage? that shits word.



    jessi, baby, please post the pics of you making out with your girlfriends. if anyone talks shit i'll happily put them in check for you. if you dont want to post them on the board, PM them to me.


    as you can tell by my absolutely ludicrous number of posts, i'm pretty much like god here. impressing me will improve your standing about 100 fold.


    i'll be waiting, thanks.


    seeks/hugs and kisses


    hahahha, damn seeks, you just summed up the purpose of posting, its all about e-status,,,,,,,,


    but jessi, he is basically right,

  6. Originally posted by rental+Oct 29 2004, 12:25 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (rental - Oct 29 2004, 12:25 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Glik0@Oct 28 2004, 09:12 PM

    If youre a bitch, whip them fucking tits out, or get the fuck off this site too, herbette.



    maaan, she didnt even have to reply for me to know it was a bitch.* she sounds young and stupid. if she doesnt show tits, can you ban/eliminate/condemn her?




    *unless this is a complete joke on the part of some other user.




    hahah, i dont know, glik0 as a mod is turning out pretty tots,,,,,but im with him and everyone else,,soooooooooooooo whip out them titties....

  7. for fear of sounding like a retard, which im sure im already going to do with my question here, is there any reason people collect old poloroids minus the fact that they are old? do they have different features not found today in certain poloroids and shit? Because i run across old ones all the time that i can cop for people if they want me to, or if there are special ones you have to have. Just enlighten me, that would be tots like whoa....


    nice flick's eno, what is that last one, it looks like a light fish flying in the sky or something...


    onesecondple//////at school gettin his learn on,,,,

  8. Originally posted by b0b@Oct 28 2004, 07:50 AM

    Love his work so much. I have all the coffee table books of his photos at home.


    He seems quite "writer"ish in his approach to art: he creates something site specific that he doesn't expect to last and he isn't precious about his work wither - unlike so many artists.


    He is a creative genius.



    thats why i love the board, brings insight and shit to you that you would have never seen before, this point of view is almost dead on. its like he does it for the flick and that is it. Lets whatever happens to it happen, but his work is simply amazing


    onesecondple/needs to remember his damn password...

  9. Originally posted by Herbivore+Oct 29 2004, 08:12 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Herbivore - Oct 29 2004, 08:12 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-LaCosaNostra@Oct 29 2004, 12:14 AM

    I'm really confused as to what happened, and as far as the gender of the killers. 'Harvey?' Come on...

    as someone else already state, that was her last name... her first name was Holly. shit like this makes me hate the world. i seriously think one day my friend Ryan and i are going to turn into the Boondock Saints, and take matters into our own hands. fuck everyone...




    that kinda shit would be great, terrorizing the terror, all the hott. Make people like that suffer, think about the consequences and shit, all the way to the bank...

  10. i had me a pit for about a month and a half, it listendd to me, but the girl i was watchin it for, didnt really listen to her, and she hit it and shit. i loved that dog, wish i had one of my own, that would have been so fucking tots. It could be mean if it wanted to i guess, but it was a great dog


    and to chivita, learn to type so you sound less retarded, damn kids....

  11. Originally posted by Locofanclub@Oct 19 2004, 05:00 AM




    you know what, this car i hotttnessballs


    i thinki came to an understanding of as to why euro's spend so much paint to paint a whole train and leave some of the cars just silver, and with that understanding i have begun to appreciate the euro scene a lot more,,,,nice flicks,,,,

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