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  1. something for a friday night...am always missing bits, amatuer! threw my pen at a grey squirrel an now its broke...amatuer. come on leicester...
  2. pom do you have any flicks of the stuff you and cost done on saturday in brum. if so post em up paint face ;)
  3. yea man...ya flaming galar, throw another can on the barby NOTTS is back boyo. what am i gonna do with all these envelopes now? gotta come check yo stink ass an buy yoos a fricking beeer...an a pack of biscuits an some backy...velcome, velcome.
  4. don';t worry barry . the big one will be here soon enuff you big puff. i'm sure theres space for you
  5. nice to see those ol kakis...you want to dig up that chrome an red from the morses pom...top notch. think you ran out of paint that nite pom, halloween i believe hence the pumpkins.
  6. thats some big knife he's got in his mouth. not good :shook:
  7. can never get enough of western boulevard. the same should happen to the morses, its bloody long enough. bsr...whats up with that van...was it scrap? done well.
  8. yes mate at some point...u caught me when i had a bit more alcohol than blood in my system.
  9. whats four foot tall an sits at the end of a kids bed...?
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