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  1. you can find some more pics of the peel here show http://www.peelhere.net
  2. whos sticker is that on the stop sign? looks familiar... http://www.robotswillkill.com "you wouldn't give a space...so we built one."
  3. hello everyone. i'm gonna be putting together another "thrilla on Manilla" project. anyone who is interested PM me.
  4. i think i owe some trades.... p.m. if so...and if anyone else wants to p.m. orkid... sick stuff
  5. for info on the street sweepers show check out the http://www.robotswillkill.com
  6. i know these arnt sticker shots but i thought it was pretty cool... a kid in NJ showin love for RWK and Peng
  7. eson. do you have any pics from jinx of the bottles? i was in there last week but had no camera. i didnt eve kno the show was up in there.
  8. heavy grade acetate.... the heavier the better.... dbd, i was in philly last saturday for a minute... good stuff
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