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  1. staE

    "My First Peice"

    first off, before i say anything else, 781 - shut the fuck up, and like seeking said, "and generally speaking, cats who post nothing but insults for no reason, 9 times out of ten, are wack as fuck themselves. unless you give them a reason to, most cat's that can actually paint won't bother to insult you. and even if they do, just shrug it off, don't take it personal and keep going." oh yeah and personally, you've made my day by saying that its "maby a third or fourth but not a first." cuz you fucking moron, it is my first. MY FIRST PEICE. ive experimented with throwups. but this is my first piece. geezus christ. and where the fuck do you get off insulting us "canucks". im not no fuckin canuck you moron, im an asian canadian. shit. and you got waaay to much time on your hands to think up some bullshit like, we got mail boxes with lumber jacks and harry potter? what the fuck is that? harry potter and lumberjacks on my mailbox? fucking moron. and you idiot, i dont got no fucking mailbox. i live in a ghetto. i got one of those shitty group mailboxes. and buddy, i dont live in a 'lil' town you moron. i live in fucking toronto. what the hell do you think this is? you're little mississipi villages? fuck man, do us all a favour and shut your fucking mouth. aaahhh. now that thats over and done with. thank you all for saying that its not my first, when it really is. it must mean that im doing something right. if its looking like its not my first.
  2. you all are stupid for arguing on the internet. period.
  3. staE

    "My First Peice"

    :lol: :lol: :lol: couldnt of said it better myself
  4. staE

    "My First Peice"

    thanks guys, it feels good to know its half-decent for a first try.
  5. staE

    "My First Peice"

    yeah im from canada. toronto to be more precise.
  6. staE

    "My First Peice"

    honestly maan, that picture, i would think, is going past the limits man. why would you do that. but as far as the comment of you thinking i got a friend to help me. i didnt, and even if i did, they were toys as well.
  7. staE

    "My First Peice"

    hey shoefers, what do you write? and what area are you in? cuz in the area im in, [toronto] we have an ASE too, im just wondering if thats you i see on the go line. edit: oh and by the way, i TRIED PMING you, but it wouldnt work for some odd reason. I havent been on 12oz in a while too.
  8. staE

    "My First Peice"

    i honestly dont mind the bullshit that the haters will say. if they decide to hate, can they honestly say that the first time they picked up a can, they were automatically amazing? if you were. then i apologize. but if not. then think twice about what you say. i dont care how good you are. everyone starts out bad.
  9. whatsup yall, this is my first peice. ehh, i know it aint much, but hey, its my first.If yall got pics of your first peice's, post em! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v175/PR80F/mpose3.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v175/PR80F/mpose2.jpg'>
  10. holy shit cloner. read the damn title. it doesnt take a genius to figure out what im asking.
  11. okay, umm. im just wondering what i can use as alternatives to walls. so that i can basically move it around in certain places. i know i can use canvases, but those are fragile. any suggestions? is that plywood [i think thats the name, its the wood thats basically shards of wood, forced, and glued together] any good? what do you suggest?
  12. staE

    Stay one

    *AHEM*... haha dude i write stae.
  13. staE

    My Works!

    i think its dope, niec letters.
  14. http://img57.photobucket.com/albums/v175/PR80F/TELYS1.jpg'> what yall think?
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