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  2. Bump fo dem niggaz oure n bury
  3. Moose been poppin up everywhere in west oakland bart area lately
  4. CrazyLazy: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/LazyIndeed/12oz/DSC01459.jpg'>
  5. Word, keep the name for the bay
  6. im not sure how shits run in your town. Buts its fairley stupid and niave to post action flicks with faces especially in a smaller town like yours. Thats how all the cats out here get the boot. Anways keep getitn up. Peace
  7. Relek, just fyi, u shouldnt have your name as your name you know... maybe its justa side thing, but just lettin you know, thats how niggas end up gettin the boot.
  8. i met this tool at a hip hop show. white kid sagging tight jeans with a hideiously big bowl-cut/surferboy/grundge/afro and he told me he used to write and get up on trains a lot around Berkeley. He said he wrote Race Car Driver so im going to have to give it to him :dazed:
  9. MelleMel

    Bali Writing?

    I second that. If you got caught doin that shit u'd prolly be kidnapped, held hostage, than had a video taping of your be-heading and sent over to al-jazzier, cuz mad muslims live down there. IF something needed to be fucked up over there, itd be all the muslims fuckin up the country, they needa be replaced by the hindus and buddhist who ran that shit years ago and who lived in peace.
  10. FUCK ALL YOU FAGGOTS. ALL YOU NIGGAS JUST PROPIN YOUR OWN SHIT HICKSVILLE WITH A SHIT SCENE. FUCK YOU BITCHES. Theres only TWO cities in the US (and fuck any of that euro, canadian bullshit) that can be classified as graff mecca's. And dont bullshit me, cuz its fuckin tru. NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK CITY & SAN FRANCISCO yall niggas talkin all big like blah blah blah chicago this, montreal that. When you see a fuckin graff mag, a video... where does all the shit come from??? SAN FRACISCO & NEW YORK CITY HANDS DOWN all you emo art fag bitches, skimpy ass white boys, art shcool sukkas, lo-fi graff promoting bullshit, you come to SF, Oakland, NYC ya get clocked in the face :D So stop bullshittin us with this self-promoting, shitty smallvilles, and some midwest Kansas Iowa bullshit. Cuz the real graff is at SF AND NYC
  11. Bank ima tell you straight up... your shit looks like stuff from a font book And Bridge bum keep your shit outta this thread bitch nigga
  12. Yo soul_art this is ____ from yo lil bro's work. Hit me up sometime. Peace
  13. THats why i save my jpegs in shitty quality and 400x width so niggs who steal(i dunno whY) dont got shit, plus niggas got them actual books, so we keep it up freal. fuck the vulture steez
  14. Ye, i got a couple books i gotta flick... im thinking about makin a virtual blackbook, where like ill make a book online where you can "flip" through the pages and peep the ill shit and i'd be updatin the shit with new shit, anyone down to contrib and thats dope. Itll be dope when I get my ass up to flick that freshness
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