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  1. fuck yeah man i'm a hot waif HAHAHA look at the replies. sheesh
  2. okay: 1. a hot milf 2. a bottle of champagne 3. a bottle of grappa 4. some motherfucking COCAINA (alot. banned HA) 5. a hot tub at a BIG fucking house that looks like it popped outta scarface 6. some random iranian with a hookah and some badass shisha 7. a hot blonde friend who was wearing a tiara and a sash cos it's her birthday 7. frat bar lameness 8 . many long islands 9. new dolce & gabbana aviators (which were jocked endlessly) 10. i got my SUV back today 11. penguin and ben sherman and dior gear (YEAH PENGUIN fuck off i'm fucking british psyche) 12. i'm typi
  3. now WHY would you wanna go and do that?
  4. man fuck exotic pets. i hat this bird named ping who would rebel and shit in his own water and fly head-first into walls and skip dinner and only eat desert. he'd climb up his little gay ass birdy ladder and bang his face against his gay little bird mirror. then one day he started makin all these scary noises and died. i thought "THANK GOD." fuck that bird. then several years ago i had a tarantula (what the FUCK was i thinking) and the crickets (food) ate it. i shoulda moitalized that fucker myself. he sucked too. me, i'll stick with my golden retriever and my obese tabby and my 2 go
  5. happy late one. and TT...you're in the awesomest city everrrr. it couldn't have been that bad (remember those who are temporarily stuck in fucking louisiana :( ) i wish you many dude brah parties in the future.
  6. i am a PROUD suburbanite. the suburbs fucking rock. spoiled kid house parties, room for my SUV, big back yards with pools, bars and clubs with no gay "thugs," etc.
  7. no no no. you've got me all wrong doofus. i hate hip hop AND stupid lazy people in the ghetto. :)
  8. okay, let try me clear the air here..... i'm white. i live in the suburbs in a big house with a pool and i'm spoiled and i flunked out of a prestigious university. however, i used to live in new orleans, which is home to some of the country's most (if not THE country's most) dilapidated, impoverished, and dangerous neighborhoods. i spent more time walking through those neighborhoods by myself at night, in the wee hours of the morning, in all my white, 120 lb. glory than i did going to class. and i'm not just talking about any old "black neighborhood." i'm talking about the blocks th
  9. bet ya won't overcharge again, huh?
  10. ok later nigger :lol:
  11. HAHA i'm glad awkward eye didn't miss that one :lol:
  12. wait.....why'd you edit out all the crap about how big your dick is and the hoez u fukk and how you're all "rags to riches?" i found that it reinforced a whole lot of stereotypes that you're against. and that's pretty funny, seriously.
  13. and no, i didn't even read past the first page of this because it's pure crap and i don't wanna regurgitate my superfood.
  14. WHY is this thread 3 pages long? this gaylord fawker sounds like some kinda haitian al sharpton fanclub reject blood crackbaby motherfucker. only pathetic people like you have so much of their worthless lives invested in what is basically ENTERTAINMENT. get off your fucking high horse, forget about fucking hip hop. it's overrated, you 4 elements/pillars whatever moron.
  15. :heated: hip hop is not my friend. :hatred: your future looks bleak.
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