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  1. its gonna be a long weekend for me since i just quit drinking 2 hours ago
  2. ok, enough!! put words in my mouth fuckface...please just close this thread. im tired of listening to you babies whine!
  3. i have peed on myself in front of girls. and im not boasting, im just saying its a problem.
  4. what the fuck is pg? hey, youre pretty good at talking shit on the net. by the way, did you blow bubbles when you were a kid? ...cuz i saw him the other day and he told me to say hi to you.:yum:
  5. no shit! my friends were killed from drugs...that guy was hit by a bus....he was raped by a monkey.........wow! what a controversial thread ive started. i didnt know you were so sensative. get over it!!:king:
  6. im a piece of shit everyone!!:crazy:
  7. my friend put his cat in the microwave once..only for a couple seconds:p
  8. well, youve got a point. our president is a piece of shit. hes gotten caught for drinking and driving, but anyway im just trying to make a point here. you can say whoever drinks and drives is a piece of shit, but if you say that than you must not have too many friends. almost everyone i know has done it or does it. its sad but true buddy. :cool:
  9. just waiting for the next terrorist attack in our homeland....the good ol' usa.
  10. i dont know what it is, but even after 1 dui(dwi), i still do it. my friends do it too. 1 wrong move and you could be fucked for life. do any of you have this problem?:confused:
  11. if you cant survive tha wintah, you dont deserve the summah!:cool:
  12. i wish i had a bench session like that...wow!:p
  13. when i was growing up my mom and her boyfriend could be heard through out the whole neighborhood. that really sucked. id be playing in the yard with friends and youd hear them through the fan in their window. it sounded like her boyfriend was darth vader. now that i think about it, it was pretty funny.:lol:
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