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  1. couple of outlines to contribute
  2. Also if u wanted to paint that would be awesome
  3. yo Askew feelin everything on this thread man bin watching closely. im coming over to christchurxh in november for a mnth atleast was wondering if you could hook me up with sum info on walls paint shops ect My Webpage <<<<< me if you could email me that would be good tgscrew@hotmail.com oh im from the Uk
  4. i agree with sum of them points but these young writers also need a place to practise .
  5. but what you gota think to yourself is.. daim an mear are kings so anything they do will sell because they have done it all trains traks pieces..
  6. sketch i did for ma homie SHADE . big hello from da uk. peace
  7. im not a huge fan of there styles but to diss them afta so many immatated them for years is beyond me... two years ago thery were the best thing since amsterdaams redlight district. if you got nuffin good to say then dont botha . who in here can actually say there up more than dds? ...................................................... exactly
  8. mindblowing :heated: :bomb:
  9. get your 2d's downs b4 you attempt 3d
  10. now thats how it should be dun . totally diggin ya style looks like u got ur letters down
  11. every1's intitled to there opinion but theres no point in voiceing bad comments to any1 or anything at the end of the day wot does it mata ? i respect any1 who puts there effort into the gamje .stop hatin respect 2 every writer out there
  12. onesecondple why you fronting like your some real heavy writer? get off you own cock mate ,
  13. havent put any fliks up for a while so heres a production done at the weekend . anor zyon yesb zonda esen iza/are core mute busk thirdeye brave1 .. dun at chelmsford wall halloween 04 :yuck:
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