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  1. BUMP yes i'm an internet hobo and i'm squatting in this abandoned thread
  2. jome sucks and really should not be goin over anyones shit but his own. and indoor throwies are a waste of paint and they don't count for shit so...keep up the good work. and jome sucks nsf or no nsf. and yes i do fuckin bench and i've never seen a jome train...ever. yup i definitly bench cuz i've seen how zask can ruin decent line-up over and over.
  3. Re: Re: Re: not as cool why must yall assume happybackfat even writes maybe he justs likes to argue with retards for shits and giggles. for instance... if pgh is a mayberry 2 horse city, pack your mule and leave bitch. and given what you just said, don't cry if people go over your own horrible graffiti because it all "looks bad". ya dig, man? since those are your rules and i'm glad we got that out in the open and out of the way. and i can agree that we are all sick and tired of seeing "wack shit" so fix your crap before others fix it for you. proud to remain anonymous for life bitch...FOR LIFE BITCH
  4. Re: not as cool oh god i wonder who actually posts that jome crap? gee i wonder. i also wonder who posted all those busted trains when jome jumped on the internet scene about a year ago. and wow like magic he's in nsf and thinks he can cap peoples shit. why tha fuck is some out of towner bitch goin over pgh shit? and it's a toss up between jome and zask...and they both suck. i'm saying jome's style is nothing fuckin special. and work on them hands cuz your is either drunk as shit or a fuckin toy. DAMN nsf's new recruits fuckin suck like riot. seriously dudes. but keep your chins up because you should only get better and maybe the new nsfers will earn the cred they think they already have in pgh. maybe...........
  5. where do i fit in...right between you best girl's tan supple thighs. regardless ZASK! fuckin blows. you guys have worked too hard for too long to stand for that crap. i mean damn...promises can be broken, so let it go. i can't believe you let that kid make a complete mockery of your boxcars. straight garbage. when you get fliks do you crop off that shit? i would. it's a damn shame that crap like zask is tolerated in the most awesomest crews in the burgh. yikes.
  6. Re: from the pgh post gazette happybackfat here...and i agree with EVERYTHING this person says four years later and the problems worse...well except the some guy named nise comment. yall must admit the fuckin busway is no longer totally awesome. question: why do old heads think they deserve recognition for their efforts beyond the streets, walls, trains, etc.? do you feel some sort of payment is in order for all years put in? well its not going to happen unless you count jail as the big prize but that would mean all your children would be without fathers and your not "hip-hop" enough for that. question: why the fuck would any writer want people as well as other writers to know what they look like or who they are? you fucks are sad...could someone please present the old fucks with their lifetime achievement awards so they can give the final acceptance speech and DIE WITH HONOR. but instead they want the linger and fester like a boil on my ass. i can't wait til the new mag is out. i sincerely hope no pictures from this thread are in it. i will pay any amount for it as long as the proceeds go to the "old head retirement fund". question: why the fuck won't zask improve? it's a fuckin shame that any 15 year old out there does better work then that dude. i mean really, is zask where nsf and csn wants to be right now after all these years? WOW! i see nice end to ends roll only to puke when the zask finishes the car. it's a god damned dirty shame. it's like playing the game "which one of these things is NOT like the other things". he's not gettin any better, admit it and cry. that shit better not make the fuckin mag man. all and all graffiti remains illegal so stop your bitching and stop trying to take graffiti off the streets where it fuckin lives. stop blurring the lines of graffiti and art just because you fuck heads think you deserve recognition for your shit. and in the end their is no big payoff. and that's true, bitches.
  7. fatcop i'm not talkin to or about you. sorry. i'm talkin about angry oldschoolers, interbitch fame, and new awefully simple styles (or lack thereof) and most embarrassingly people who need their egos stroked daily. but you may think you fall into any of those catergories. do not let my anonimity scare you
  8. happybackfat does not stroke egos and who the fuck said anything about getting respect let alone wanting respect from the elders. thanks for the two step program. ummm i right on top of that. thanks. yeah and where the hell are all the burners? since everyone in pgh(i mean the only awesome crews that count) has apparently jumped on that simple tired ass faggot internet style with blind abandon. its aweful and fuckin needs to stop. i cried when some of my favorite members of nsf, pfg, and csn started on that simple crap. you know who you are. how come they used to burn and now they suck. did they lose an arm and have to relearn that shit with the other hand. is it alcoholism? what happened. if a crew has existed since the beginning of time shouldnt the work speak for itself? i have yet to see a production in pgh that really compares to the good shit...and we all know when we see the good shit. how does it feel when all the young bucks in your crews can burn you?
  9. hooray, another one for the problem solver. step one, get a gun. step two, shoot fred between the eyes. this should be easy for you since you are not a weekend warrior and have all the time in the world. i figured old heads had jobs by now, but apparently you live the criminal life, or your rich. problem solver wonders which it is. problem solver used to respect old heads until they opened their bitter mouths on the interbitch as for riot, problem solver agrees he sucks.
  10. Re: just some comments another one for the problem solver... first you come off like a bitter old man and that's embarrassing. let me guess you had to make you own can from sheet metal and fill it with berries you watched grow then walked 300 miles, barefoot, through the sleet and snow to paint a fill-in just to have deer lick it off the wall. DAMN times was tough before MTV!!!!!!!!!! the solution........unplug your computer then set it on fire. and begin a grassroots revolution to destroy THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!! or just wallow in your generation gap.
  11. now calm down hackman. i have a simple solution to your CSN/NSF problem. if you dont want to be bombarded with their shit, simply unplug your computer and set it on fire and you will never see it again. PRESTO CHANGEO CSN and NSF disappear with the exception of the occasional sloppy drunk mail box tag!!!!!!!!!!!!! problem solved. forever. you can call me the problem solver. who's next? :king:
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