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  1. I wrote "fuck the interne"t because i know how it works, jealous kids like you and all those other kids wanna say some shit when thier behind a computer, dont act like your not a fan you tryed to give me daps yesterday and i shut you down cuz you dont know me,, dont get mad cuz im down with your heros and you get your apartment jacked by them. now i will try not to come back on here, you love to hate me, talk some more shit
  2. To my #1 fans Boob, E-Dogg. and the market, get a life kids and stop talking about me on here, i could care less if you think my shit is "fresh"! like it says next to my shit "fuck the internet" and all you goons on here! you all love to hate me!
  3. everyone should just kill the talk on here, just post pictures of shit you like or shut the fuck up. evreyone can have their own opinions it dont mean shit. just dont put them on blast here on some corny website.
  5. im very proud of you for making up a new screen name just to say that, now please leave no one gives a shit about you
  7. hey yo dethmetal, that spiral staircase is crazy wheres it at?
  8. that sever with the 3d going up the whole wall and shit is insane.
  9. fuck you gauze your just burning bridges homie remember that
  10. i hate comin on here talkin shit but thats his opinion dont make stupid threats to my homie. plus i could deal with less face tags too
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